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About David:

David Geftakys is a new artist/songwriter from Los Angeles. His first big splash in the music world came with the release of his first music video and single "Games We Play" which has been spreading all over social networks.

He has several releases already under his belt. His first EP, 'Lines In My Hands', was met with strong reviews from both critics and fans. His single 'And You' was rated in the top 1% of song reviews by SoundOut, a partner of Fontana music, and his single 'Say It All' Was rated in the top 5%. David's songs have become a favorite with online Radio DJ's and fans alike, earning him several features as Artists of the Month, Artists of the Year, and Best Music Video (Artists In Music Awards) nominations. David appeared on the late-night style show, 'Live Taping with David Valdez' at Universal Studios, and was a guest on KCLA's 'The In Show'. But by far David's biggest hit with his fans has been 'Games We Play' and the music video that accompanied the release.

The creativity has in no way slowed and a month doesn't go by without a new video, song or performance for his passionate fans. As new tracks emerge from the mixing board and show dates are posted be in on the action by becoming a fan here, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace and many other networking sites. Be sure to check out David's official website to see the countdown to the new release, get merch and much more.

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